What feature of BLEND OWN is special? 

BLEND OWN conveniently provides products optimized to a changing skin by undergoing genetic test which checks for innate factors, conducting skin survey about lifestyle and environment, and measuring the current skin condition. 

How is BLEND OWN made? 

BLEND OWN is made by mixing bases that fit each skin type, BLEND OWN’s exclusive ingredient OXYBIOTICS™ that strengthens the skin fundamentals, and effective agents optimized to skin. 

Is BLEND OWN safe to use? 

Yes, it is safe. Since BLEND OWN is made of natural green-rated healthy ingredients, you may use it with confidence. 

Explain me about BLEND OWN’s ‘core ingredients’ (names). 

OXYBIOTICS™ is BLEND OWN’s exclusive ingredient and is a combination of OXYGESKIN, a 2019 Nobel Prize-winning ingredient for activating oxygen supply, and HONEY-BIOTICS which assists eliminating skin toxic bacteria. OXYBIOTICS™ is skin health potency ingredient which aids the strengthening of skin fundamentals and improving activation. 

It seems my skin condition has been changed. Can I change my cosmetics? 

Exchanging cosmetics for changed skin condition is free for three skincare products (toner, serum, cream) per year. 

Is single item purchase available? Why does it come with a full package? 

Without changing products that fit from cleansing to skin, making a healthy skin is difficult. For your healthy skin, BLEND OWN is composed of a full package ranging from cleansing products to cream, which are all focused on skin balance, to fit your current skin condition.