What is ‘BLEND OWN Service’? 

BLEND OWN SI Solution™ (Skin Artificial Intelligence Solution) is an artificial intelligence skin analysis solution, and is a convenient service which provides cosmetics for every two months that fit your skin after conducting genetic test, skin survey, and skin measurement. 

Explain me about BLEND OWN skin measurement device. 

With the device, you can measure and check oil, water, pores, pigment/blemishes, wrinkles, and acne by yourself. Apart from the measurement, this device is featured with ionic skin massaging, which allows you to check absorption rate and moisturizing power when using skincare. 

How long should a skin measurement cycle have to be? 

Skin changes by season, external environment, and hormonal factors. To be in accordance with a 28-day turnover cycle, which is a reproduction cycle of skin, and a two-week period for your skin to adopt to cosmetics and deliver the products, BLEND OWN conducts skin measurement for every two months. (Note: Depending on the skin condition and the pace of skin aging, turnover cycle may be longer.) 

Is the skin measurement available for only once every two months? 

If you measure your skin every two months, the most recent result will be automatically connected to the BLEND OWN app and the app will send you the cosmetics fitted to your skin. If you would like to receive different products depending on your skin change before delivery, please complete your skin measurement at least two weeks before delivery. 

What is genetic analysis? 

DNA Profile is a genetic testing system which checks not only innate skin property but also your health. Correct understanding and management of your gene is the key for tending and maintaining a healthy skin and lifestyle. 

What are the steps of genetic diagnosis and analysis? 

Followed by your application of regular subscription, you will be asked to write a genetic testing consent form. Provided that you have written the consent form, a genetic testing kit will be delivered to you. Proceed the testing as described in the attached manual and send the kit to the gene analysis company. After two weeks, the analysis result will be shared to BLEND OWN and BLEND OWN cosmetics will be set based on the result for delivery. 

Is gene diagnosis required only once? 

Genetic testing result is about innate genetic factors and remains unchanged, so it is required only once.