Explain me about BLEND OWN’s subscription service. 

BLEND OWN’s regular subscription service is a customized cosmetics delivery service for every two months.

(※ If you measure your skin every two months, the most recent result will be automatically connected to the BLEND OWN app and it will send you the cosmetics fitted to your skin.) 

What are the benefits of regular subscription? 

Customers who subscribe for one year will be provided with genetic testing fee (290,000 KRW), skin measuring massager (498,000 KRW), SI Solution Analysis Service (240,000 KRW) free of charge. 

Explain me about regular subscription payment. 

Sign up for a subscription on either web page or the app and make your payment. After the first payment, the next bill will be automatically charged to your designated debit/credit card at the same time every month. 

Can I cancel a subscription in the middle of a subscription period? 

Sign in and click to ‘My Page’ and go to ‘My Subscription’ to cancel your subscription.